“Love the pole bungs, very durable and easy to slot in and out. Very practical and covers all your needs. Definitely a must have in your tackle.”

Abbi Kendall
Ladies International

“WE products “skid bungs” are fantastic! Across the two sizes provided they cover virtually any section on any pole, and thanks to them my pole (my pride and joy) is totally chip free!

I couldn’t be without WE centralising bushes! I have 24 top kits from size 1 solid elastic to a size 15-17 hollow these elastic centralisers make any elastic flow so so much smoother. Meaning less hook pulls and more control and feel when playing fish!”

Ben Sharp

“I have been an avid user of the WE Products products since their launch and on receiving my new Tricast Excellence pole my first call was to Wendy for her to sort me out with some goodies.

The section aligners really have taken the traditional clean caps to another level. They’re really simple to fit with no gluing or messing around and provide maximum protection without affecting the balance of your pole. I believe so much in these products that I have them fitted to every section including all of my spare number 4’s and 5’s.

The top kit aligners have proved to be a real winner. From light solid elastics to heavy hollows there is no fear of them sticking inside your top kits allowing your elastics to flow freely, resulting in less hook pulls and more fish in the net.

The WE Products skid bungs have been a real game changer. With 2 different sizes they fit all poles on the market and allow you to ship over any obstacle without fear of chipping or cracking those expensive sections.

If you’re in the market for keeping your pole in A1 condition I really can’t recommend speaking to WE Products enough.”

Jamie Stevenson
Tri-Cast Calder

“I have been using WE-Products for over a year, and I can honestly say I have never looked back. I fish normally twice a week and my pole gets abused. The bung protection works well over a multitude of surfaces, and the top kit inserts have reduced the amount of elastics changes I would normally go through in a year. The team a WE-Products have always looked after me and their products have never let new down.”

Adam Bowen

“I’ve been using We-Products for years now and all i can say is “great products, great service and a lovely company to deal with” what more can you ask for!”

Darren Sanders

WE Products Tv

About Us

Our products have been specifcally designed by an angler who knows what is needed and is useful.

How it all started…..

My dad has been an angler for as long as I’ve known him!  He is now retired and enjoys making inventions.  Over the years he has repaired many poles for friends and began looking at ways to protect your pole from damage rather than repairing them and that is how the Universal Pro-Bung Duo was born. Since our initial invention was so well received we then looked at other weak areas on a pole and have since developed and expanded our product range.

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